Colorful Bohemian Carpet

Looking for a new carpet to suit your space?

Colorful Bohemian Carpetis the one!

This is unique and definitely a great option as home decoration. It's also suitable for homes with pets (dogs or cats) or kids to keep their feet’s dry.

Perfect gifts for art lovers as well.


Material: polyester
Thickness:about 0.6cm to 0.8cm.
Size: 40x80cm,45x90cm,50x100cm,60x120cm.
living room,dining room,bedroom,study room,corridor,entrance and so on
Washing method:
recommended dry cleaning, or carpet cleaning agent cleaning
Package Contents: Only 1PCS
Buying Tips:
Please allow 1-3cm error and slight color difference.
Because the carpet is packed, so when you receive the carpet, open it maybe you will feel a bit disheveled, you need to shake the carpet,it can make the carpet to restore smooth.

Customer's Photos:



Sheep & Duck & Tree
Goat & Deer & Tree
Peafowl & Tree
Brown Pattern
Blue/Yellow Pattern

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