Feather Ceiling Light

Feather Ceiling Lightis perfect for your space for lighting as well as home decoration.

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♪   High Quality Materials: Made of high-quality white feathers, built-in E27 lamp holder, the warm light of the bulb looks absolutely hypnotic through the feathers, with high light transmittance and even light distribution. Gentle light brings you a warm atmosphere.

♪  Gentle Lighting: Beautiful white feather curtains naturally create a romantic and warm atmosphere. It has a high transmission rate and even light distribution. The light is very soft and won't hurt your eyes.

♪  Easy to Install: Built-in E27 lamp holder, you could easily and safely install it. The wire rope can be adjusted height, naturally creates a romantic and warm sweet atmosphere. Easy to use, energy saving and safe.

♪  Widely Application: As its elegant design with soft glow, it is perfect for bedroom, living room, study room, other great hotels or anywhere you like.

Type: creative fluffy feather chandelier (without bulb)
Color: White
Material: Feather + Metal
Ball shaped lampshade
M Size: inner diameter 20cm, outer diameter 30cm, height 20cm
L Size: inner diameter 30cm outer diameter 40cm, height 25cm

Geometry shaped lampshade
S Size: inner diameter 13cm , outer diameter 25cm
M Size: inner diameter 20cm, outer diameter 30cm
L Size: inner diameter 30cm, outer diameter 40cm

Base Diameter: 10cm
Hanging Wire Length: 1.2m
Voltage: 110-220v
Lamp holder: E27 (without bulb)

1. This product does not include bulb.
2. It is normal for a small amount of feathers to fall off when the product is opened for the first time. Using too much glue to stick the feathers will make the feathers not fluffy. Please shake off the fragments of feathers or blow them with a hair dryer after receiving the package. 

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