Flower Bouquet Building Block

Sometimes, the best way to express your creativity is with something no one has ever seen before. Introducing the Flower Bouquet Building Block. These playful, handcrafted flowers are the perfect way to bring a little bit of color and creativity into your life. Each one is uniquely designed for you–you won't find the same combination twice.

From the blooming petals to the eclectic mix of building blocks, your bouquet will be one of a kind. Let your imagination run wild with these colorful, creative creations. 

Product: Building block flower
Material: High quality ABS plastic brick
Educational tools: Miniature blocks help to improve the overall and fine motor skills, spatial awareness and storytelling skills of novices.
Item list: Instruction manual*1. Building block toys*1.
The product is a building block toy, excluding vases.
Packing Method: (No Box) (With Box)


Customer's Photos:

Yellow & Orange (With Box)
Pink & Purple (With Box)
Yellow & Red (With Box)
Pink & Purple (No Box)
Yellow & Red (No Box)
Yellow & Orange (No Box)

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