Funny Game Device Carpet


Step back into your childhood with the Funny Game Device Carpet! Relive your old memories while adding a playful touch to any room with its vibrant purple color.

Perfect for gamers and nostalgic individuals alike. (No game consoles included.)

Material: Polyester



  •  This carpet is soft, cozy, and friendly to both your skin and the environment, while also being great at absorbing moisture.
  • Not only is it wear-resistant and slip-resistant, but it also has a non-slip bottom to protect your floors.
  • Cleaning this mat is a breeze - simply use a vacuum or brush, or even throw it in the washing machine or rinse it off with water.
  • With its uniquely stylish patterns, this door mat adds a touch of creativity to your home while also keeping it clean.
  • From the front door to the garage to the bedroom and everywhere in between, this mat works perfectly in any setting.



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