Little Man Lamp

Little Man Lamp  is something you've to get for your home! It's a perfect addition to any room in home, studio and office.

Grab 2 or more for you, your family, and your friends before this promotion ends!
Once we reach 500 unit sales, we will be increasing the price back up to original prices.

Art Ornament
Touch switch
USB charging long battery life
No video flash/No blue light
Soft light without glare



Happy Customer's Photos:

Emitting Color
Golden man A
Golden man B
Golden man C
Golden man D
Golden man E
Silver man B
Thinkers lamp 01
Thinkers lamp 02
Thinkers lamp 03
Thinkers lamp 04
Thinkers lamp 05
Brother lamp 01
Brother lamp 02
Brother lamp 03
Brother light 04
Brother light 05
Brother light 06
Brother light 07
Brother light 08
Brother light 09
Brother light 010

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