Mushroom Disco Ball Decor

To all mushroom fanatics and disco queens struggling to find the perfect decoration... Stop looking! Mushroom Disco Ball Decor is right here for you.

These mushier are made of styrofoam and decorated with mirror glass tiles. They are individually bonded to perfect the "wild" disco mushroom ball.
These mushrooms are the perfect, stylish accessory for any boring (not fashionable) room.

Each mushroom disco ball is handmade. Due to the handmade nature of the process, there may be some small defects and unique defects, but this is the reason why they add charm and eccentricity!

Material: foam 
Size: S (10x8cm), M (16x15cm), L (18x15cm), XL (23x18cm) 

1pcs Silver
1pcs Gold

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